Using Apple iPhone Music with IOS 5 with Ford Sync

First and foremost you will want to update the apple iTunes software to use Apple iPhone music with IOS 5 with Ford Sync. Another good idea is to back up your saved contacts, music as well as any other important files and things you do not want to loose on your iPhone. The reason for this is because sometimes the operating system will cause you to loose important files when syncing.
Once you have downloaded and saved all the appropriate files and the download is complete. You will use the USB port to connect your iPhone and your Ford car together to begin the actual sync. The USB port is in the center of your Ford instrument panel under the radio.
Let the iPhone sit plugged into your car to make sure the download completely finishes. Then you will see on the display screen “system list songs” and know the setup is working. You will next choose music or a music program to play the songs from.
Next you will press the voice control on the steering wheel of your ford car. Simply and clearly say the command “Bluetooth Audio”. The phone screen will then say sync then you will press the “dock connect button”. Users can use the apple iPhone music with IOS 5 with ford sync to play music already stored within their iPhones. Users can also use the voice command to choose and play a total album or a specific song by saying the name and the artist they wish to listen too.
The ford sync system was created to use with the iPhone to keep drivers hand on the steering wheel instead of fumbling with their iPhones. This is to prevent hazards and accidents while driving.
Please note that the iPhone IOS 5 is more compatible with the newer year model ford cars and may need updates for the older model ford vehicles. The newer year model ford cars have the capability to use the music app from your iPhone. You will however need to have a six digit pin number set up or created in order to securely use this music operating system with your ford vehicle.

Technology and industry in North Carolina


Is North Carolina becoming a leader in technology industry? Not yet, it seems, but they are on the great track. There is certainly a lot of economic growth going on in NC and it seems like everybody there is keen on making it work. What makes them a step closer to that goal is the fact that many of the state’s universities are sharing knowledge and combining strength with big and renowned companies. This provides exchange of ideas, promotes cooperation and enables young students to influence the next generation of technology that is being developed right here. Entire economy in North Carolina is feeling the kick from the tech branch and everybody welcomes it as a good sign. There is a general motivation for this trend to continue as NC is aspiring to become the tech state of United States of America. And will they succeed in that endeavour? It seems like they are a good candidate.

WarrentonSign1What sets North Carolina apart from other states might be the North Carolina’s Research Triangle, located between Durham, Raleigh and Chapel Hill. It is a home of three dominant research universities: The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Duke University and NC State University. Research triangle might be one of the hottest research and development places in the entire United States and the world in general. It is the largest researcere, and that number must tell you something good is going on. There are over 3,000 companies operating in the state, including the giants like IBM, Cisco, Apple, Sony Ericsson and Cree. It is estimated that there are over 3.500 IT experts there. And more are coming every year, from a constant feed of fresh experts and young bachelors from the collages. Community College in NC numbers 58 campuses over the state.

This mild progress climate is obviously doing good for the minds of people of NC since it’s estimated that it-expertthe productivity in workers from North Carolina is 36% larger than the national average. And it’s no wander, since we know how well educated and professional they get around there. Surrounded with like minded colleagues the road to success clearer than ever and creating young professionals from young experts is now routine. They are enriching their state, but also going out of it and sharing their knowledge across the US and the world. Collage graduates, more than 1000 of them, are finding jobs in big companies like Google, Facebook or Apple every year, even while they are still attending a college and with the constant flow of skilled, happy workers and developed infrastructure to employ them there is really no telling what the limit is here.